YouGo Chicken

Completed in 2014 | Branding: Logo Design, Storefront Design 

What the Client Needed:

After a successful summer at the Richmond Night Market, the owner of Yougo Chicken decided that it’s time to honor his winning fried chicken recipe with an actual storefront at the Aberdeen Centre food court. The owner proposed that his stall’s meals will be served in the traditional stainless steel bento box that is signature of the school lunches in Taiwan.

My Approach:

The name “Yougo” resembles the cheer of ” you-go, insert subject’s name here ” but also connotes to a Taiwanese expression of exclamation that’s on the borderline of being not-so kosher. Hence, a non-conventional, light-hearted, and playful look is formalized. The element of the unique shape of the bento box with chopsticks is also evident.

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