What8ver Cafe

Completed in 2013 | Branding: Logo Design, Brand Stationary, Menu Layout,  Storefront Signage, Chinese Calligraphy

What the Client Needed:

A partnership of young influencers came together to start a new cafe in Richmond, BC. All being of Taiwanese origin, the young owners desired to share authentic bubble tea culture with the Vancouver scene, made with premium leafs – the equivalent of fine steakhouses of bubble tea cafes, so to speak. Branding is required as well as menus right off the get go. The name “What8ver Cafe” was already decided upon, with the generation of  a Chinese name still required.

My Approach:

With the traditional combination of black ink and red stamp, the playful, hand-painted logotype looks orthodoxically Chinese at a first glance.  However upon closer inspection, the name of What8ver resonates with the younger audience, and the Chinese name ” 頑茶流 ” which literally means the “Flow (or way) of Mischievous Tea”.
Plays on the cafe name were created to be printed on T-shirts to switch up seasonally.