The Sharing Farm

Completed in 2013 | Branding: Logo Design, Layout Design

What the Client Needed:

The Sharing Farm is a non-profit organization that began as The Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project where volunteers were rallied to pick and collect any ripening fruits from people’s backyards to donate to the Richmond Food Bank. After getting much recognition and funding as well as land for agricultural purposes from the City of Richmond, The Sharing Farm was in need of a new look.

My Approach:

The Sharing Farm invites volunteers to participate in agricultural tasks that are hands-on and often labour-intensive. Therefore, the contributing hands of volunteers are celebrated as the veins of every grain in the wholesome leaf. The top grain of the leaf carries a sprout, signifying the educational aspect of the entity, that happens to have a demonstrational branch which currently works with Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s School of Horticulture. The hand-drawn logotype aims to be as rustically humanist as possible, resembling curly pea shoots.