Meijia Antique Co.

Completed in 2013 | Task: Branding

What the Client Needed:

The coming together of an existing Chinese antique shop with a new partner prompted the requirement of a new brand. The acquisition of a block worth of property on Kingsway also required plans for revitalization of the existing, tired facades, and any peripheral design that may arise.

My Approach:

Element of the Chinese word ” 今 ” (jin1) was extracted and built on from the existing calligraphic title to be utilized as the updated logo. The word means “now”, and pictographically resembles a person under a roof – perfectly encapsulation the notion of living, with many fleeting moments that were now.
A 3D renderer was hired in-house to explore the the designated brand colours expressed on the exteriors of a strip of existing buildings with focus on lighting. A photographer was hired in-house to document each artifact in museum style.